Registered & Approved by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India & Israel country for caretakers Consulate in Mumbai, India.

We firmly uphold our motto “Your Quest for the Right Man at the Right Time will end at C.P. TRAVELS ”.

We have a list of esteemed Clients / Employers in Israel country & all over Gulf / GCC Countries whom we regularly supply manpower from India.

Our Guarantee: For all the Indian workers directly recruited & mobilized on our guarantee we will be fully responsible up to three months of probation period for the worker's performance, behavior and productivity of the workers and if any worker found unfit in their trade, duties or medical test (within the probation period of 90 days from their arrival date) then the same worker will be repatriated at our expenses and replacement will be made free of charges.

Our Responsibility: To source, screen & recruit candidates meeting your job description, technical trade testing and keeping them ready for your approval. Providing medical report of the selected candidates, consisting of tests as per the respective country's GAMCA medical standard, arranging and completing Government formalities like emigration clearance, visa endorsement from respective consulate / embassy, air ticket booking etc. orientation to the candidates adequately on the local law and personal conduct to the respective countries of employment in Israel country & other Gulf / GCC. Placement of the approved candidates within your desired time limit under prior intimation to you, Providing all possible help to the candidates in embarkation / departure and airport formalities.

Documents Required: As per Government rules and regulations now in force, employers in Israel country & other Gulf / GCC Countries are required to send the following documents which are absolutely necessary for visa endorsement, advertisement in newspapers and emigration clearance formalities of the selected employees and completing all recruitment and mobilizing formalities of the Indian workers to other Israel country & Gulf / GCC Countries for employment.

The Company has to provide following documents along with original employment visa / work permit.

Terms & Conditions

Prequalification: Pre qualify and shortlist candidates for final selection according to the job description, qualification criteria and scope of responsibility specified in your demand letter.

Deployment period: Dispatch the workers within in 30 to 40 working days from the date receipt of all valid documents & employment visa / work permit from the employer in Israel country & other Gulf / GCC Countries.

Probationary period: Within a period of 90 days (from arrival date), if any worker is found to be unfit in their trade / duties or if found medically unfit, then the same worker will be repatriated to India at our own cost & the replacement will be made free of charges.

Service Charges: This is negotiable and the employer policy will be given priority consideration owing to the fact that we realize the flexibility required in our business.