Registered & Approved by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India & Israel country for caretakers Consulate in Mumbai, India.

On receipt of confirmed job orders, exact job descriptions of required categories & as per the demand received from our valued clients, we source the candidates / manpower through our active data bank, headhunting and advertisement through leading news papers all over India.

The entire process of recruitment follows the following process step by step

Our qualified recruitment manager with years of overseas experience objectively and subjectively tests the candidates for their skills and knowledge matching the job description and trade / skill test (as required).

The short listed candidates complete CV's with recruitment manager remarks are sent to the clients for their approval & final selection, we also mobilize the short listed & selected candidates under our full guarantee, as and when required you can personally approve our short listed candidates as well as conduct final interview with candidates in India.

The candidates approved & selected by the clients are checked for medical fitness and the client is informed to process their employment visas and further we complete the procedure & formalities of mobilization of these selected Indian workers to the country of employment in Israel country & GCC / Gulf.

On receiving the visa and other official documents required for recruitment of manpower from India we strictly mobilize the Indian workers to the country of employment in Israel country & GCC / Gulf at the earliest possible.

Our Guarantee:  For all the Indian workers directly recruited & mobilized on our guarantee we will be fully responsible up to three months of probation period for the worker's performance, behavior and productivity of the workers and if any worker found unfit in their trade, duties or medical test (within the probation period of 90 days from their arrival date) then the same worker will be repatriated at our expenses and replacement will be made free of charges.